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Honda Clarity Debut

Honda is leading the charge when it comes to the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. And what better company to do it than Honda, an automaker that has consistently shown excellence in not just automotive innovation but in an ability to make high-quality, practical vehicles for the real world.
This is part of what makes the Honda Clarity sedan so special. In one way, it is as futuristic a car as you can get. In another way, it is just another all-around great Honda sedan, built to keep company with the highly popular Accord and Civic.
The Clarity was unveiled to lots of fanfare at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 17th, 2015. Its debut was highly anticipated, as many automotive journalists and Honda fans have been following the development of the fuel cell sedan. The Honda Clarity fuel cell sedan is the result of Honda’s latest innovations in fuel cell technology, an adventure that began 13 years ago when the first Honda fuel cell concept debuted.
Historically, the challenge with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has been that the powertrains were so large, cabin space had to be sacrificed. Not so with the Honda Clarity. This intrepid sedan features a fuel cell powertrain that is more compact, roughly the same size as a V6 engine. This reduction in size allows for a lot of more room in the cabin.
Of course, the feature most people are interested in is the range. The Clarity does not disappoint. Behind the wheel of the fuel cell sedan from Honda, you can enjoy a range of over 300 miles. Adding icing to the cake, a full recharge only takes 3 minutes at 70 MPa.​ 
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