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Lansing, Michigan near Brighton, Michigan
Lansing Michigan
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Lansing, Michigan, near Brighton, Michigan

Michigan is home to a wide range of natural beauty, fine academic institutions, and fun attractions. It’s also rich with diverse history. Explore Lansing today, and learn about what makes it such a great city.
The first confirmed sighting of Lansing by someone of European descent occurred all the way back in 1790. An explorer named Hugh Heward was canoeing down the Grand River when he spotted what is now Lansing. However, the land did go up for sale until 40 years later in 1830, and there weren’t any roads into the area until years after the sale.
While the original capital of Michigan was Detroit, the state government decided that it was too close to British-controlled Canada. The British had captured Detroit in 1812, and Michigan took it back in 1813, but they wanted something further inland to prevent it from happening again. So 1847, just ten years after Michigan became a state, Lansing was named as the state capital, and roughly fifty years later it experienced a boom due to the automotive industry using Michigan as its primary source for factory work. Since then, it has grown into a city of 114,297, making it the fifth largest city in Michigan.
Although it is the only capital city in the United States that is not also a county seat, it is home to two medical schools, one veterinary school, two nursing schools, two law schools, a Big Ten Conference university (Michigan State University), the Michigan State Capitol, the State Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, a federal court, the Library of Michigan and Historical Center, and the headquarters of four national insurance companies.
Lansing, Michigan has a lot to offer both culturally and historically. Visit Lansing, and you won’t be disappointed.​ 
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